Dental Care Assistance

Each year, the Healthy Start Family Resource Center teams up with the Sacramento District Dental Society and local volunteer dentists to provide a free Dental Screening at each elementary site within Center School District.

The volunteer dentist classifies each child as either a 1, 2, or 3. Children classified as a "1" just need to continue getting regular dental check-ups and cleanings. Children classified as a "2", may need to consider making a dental appointment in the near future. Children classified as a "3" are in urgent need of dental care and need to make an appointment with a dentist immediately. Our office will personally call the parents of all children classified as "3's" to make sure that they have dental coverage and are able to make an appointment.

We are able to offer assistance to those with no dental coverage and no way of obtaining dental care. The following information, however, might be of assistance


If you do not have a regular dentist and need help in selecting one, please call:

Sacramento District Dental Society at (916) 446-1211

If you need the name of a dentist who accepts Medi-Cal, please call:

Medi-Cal at (800) 322-6384

If you need the name of your Medi-Cal Geographic Managed Care Dental Plan, please call:

GMCDP at (800) 430-4263

If you need low cost dental cleaning, x-rays, or sealants, please call for an appointment:

Sacramento City College Dental Hygiene Clinic (916) 558-2303 or,

Carrington College (916) 361-5168

If you do not have Medi-Cal/Denti-Cal or dental insurance, your child may be eligible for services through the following organizations:

  • Sacramento District Dental Society Foundation - (916) 446-1211
  • California Children's Services (orthodontics only) - (916) 875-9900
  • Helen Hamilton Fund (orthodontics only) - (916) 446-1211